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The new RED INVASION cd "I'm Not Too Young to Die" hits stores today in the US!! YESS! (

Go to Newbury Comics, go to Best Buy, and buy it now. These guys need money so that they can travel and corrupt people all over the country. If you can't buy it, go in the store and ask for it anyway. Then go find it and lust over it.

Anyone who wants to support the local music scene and likes good old fashioned rock & roll should check out this local punk band. They play around Boston often and they're a GREAT show live. And ladies, they wear tight pants.

Some Reviews:

"I'm guessing Red Invasion are gonna develop into a dangerous, druggy, virgin-killing juggernaut of beastly punk-sleaze sometime soon, so check 'em out while their young and desperate, and prepare yourself for the shitstorm to come." -sleazegrinder

"You'll have a hard time finding a better young band anywhere in the country right now than Red Invasion." -razorcake

"This is a must-have CD, seriously, everyone needs to go out and get this right now. Give them money so they can get their asses on the road and tour and rock your asses off in person!" -amp

"'Disconnected' reeks of attitude. Slashing guitars accompanied perfectly by a percolating bass/drums tandem and insolent vocals. The real deal." -suburban voice

"The best Dead Boys cop that I have heard in a long time. Fans of Black Halos and others of that ilk will love this!" -eric law

"This is a real good debut full-length from a young band with a lot of promise." -the noise

"To claim that they deftly mirror the sounds of old greats like the Neighborhoods, La Peste, Nervous Eaters or the Real Kids is no generous exaggeration. . . Within the band’s methodical design is a catchy comprisal attractive to anyone who deserves to buy any punk record." -jimmy reject

"Red Invasion's full-length debut is a great album to listen to while you're boning your lady from behind. It's just got that feel, ya know?" -now wave
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